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Teeth Whitening

Our teeth discolour for a large number of reasons including our diet, food and drink we intake, oral hygiene and our social life style. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry solution which can help remove the colouring that you may have sustained through drinks you may enjoy to tooth decay. Below are some of the common examples which leads to the discolouration of teeth:

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Holistic Dentistry

We want to make sure you are free from infection as we know there are links with dental infections and your other body systems including your heart. For example, there is a growing research linking periodontitis (infection in your gums and supporting structures) and heart disease.


We are careful to make sure you bite your teeth correctly as we understand the links with occlusion (the way you bite) and headaches, jaw clicking and facial pain. We simply consider you as a whole.


Many holistic treatments are carried out at Sutcliffe Dental including homeopathy, homeotoxicology and Propolis treatments to be as gentle as possible with our treatments.


Some of our Holistic Methods


Propolis and Dentistry


What is Propolis?


Propolis is the immune defense mechanism for the bees’ colony. Resin from plants and trees are collected by the honeybees mixed with wax to create propolis. It produces a sterile environment in the hive. Its been used in medicine since the Egyptian times.


How’s it most commonly used at Sutcliffe Dental?


- It’s used for its numbing effects as a pre anesthetic so you don’t feel the needle in the injection


- It’s used to treat sensitivity


- It’s used to treat infected wisdom teeth


- For pain after tooth extraction


- For sores and cracks at the corners of the mouth (Angular Chelitis)


- Assisting our hygienists treating gum disease


- Dry mouth


- Mouth ulcers




Please ask Dr Sutcliffe how it could help with your dental needs


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