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Teeth Whitening

Our teeth discolour for a large number of reasons including our diet, food and drink we intake, oral hygiene and our social life style. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry solution which can help remove the colouring that you may have sustained through drinks you may enjoy to tooth decay. Below are some of the common examples which leads to the discolouration of teeth:

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Amalgam Removal



Aesthetic and Health Concerns

It is very often that patients want to replace their amalgams because of the way they look.

Dr Sutcliffe believes if amalgam removal needs to be done, it needs to be done in the safest possible environment.


The content of these fillings are approximately 50% mercury which is the biggest concern by most, approximately 20% silver, tin 14%,copper 8% and then other metals added to make the material up.

We know mercury vapour comes off these fillings during normal function and in grinding. We therefore know a vapour of mercury is created in the mouth. We however don’t have enough research to know exactly the affect this vapour has on our bodies. This is where the problem arises. If they are to be removed it needs to be done as safely as possible.



Clean Up Aspirators

Dr Sutcliffe uses clean up aspirators. These aspirators fit around the tooth with an open area at the top where the operator can work through. As the decay / amalgam is removed the contents go straight up the aspirator that is surrounding the tooth. This means the amalgam restoration being removed goes into the aspirator and not all around your mouth, making it safer and more comfortable for you.



IQ Air Dental Series. We have this for :

Filters mercury vapour.

Helps to protect patients, dental staff and dentists from airbourne infections and pollutants.

Helps to implement infection control measures by controlling and reducing airbourne bacteria, viruses and drill aerosols reduced exposure to disinfectant compounds Controls airbourne alllergens .


We also have the flex Vac attachment which is a flexible suction tube that captures vapour and drill aerosols right at the source.



Tungsten Carbide Burs

When removing amalgam restorations, it is important to use Tungsten Carbide Burs as they section the amalgam restoration into large pieces that can be easily removed as opposed to Diamond Burs. Diamond Burs make a slurry that is very difficult to remove easily and is more uncomfortable to aspirate


Throat Sponge

A throat sponge simply isolates the area we are working in, to ensure that all remnants of the restoration are kept away from other areas of the mouth.


Please feel free to book an appointment.

We will give you a very balanced view and if you do decide to have your amalgams removed they will be done in the safest possible environment that todays’ Technology and procedures will allow.



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